Course Introduction

In this capstone course, students work individually with faculty to develop and complete a comprehensive semester-long design project.

Prerequisites: COMD 3701, COMD 4701 // 1 cl hr, at least 6 independent study hrs/week

There are five (5) designated in-person lecture/group meetings when the entire class meets (see schedule) and nine (9) one-on-one in-person meetings.

Students meet with an advisors weekly. Individual meetings will be scheduled, arranged and confirmed with the specific SP advisor. Each faculty advisor keeps attendance/notes regarding group and specific meetings.

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Spring 2024 Schedule

January 31: Group / Lecture Class

  • Introduction, orientation and organization of class; course objectives and requirements.
  • Senior Project Website
  • Scheduling Meetings with Advisor Info
  • Instructor will discuss with students the preparation of a proposal for a semester project. (The proposal will define the scope of the project, and indicate a timeline of deliverables with specific dates of completion)

February 7: Group / Lecture Class

  • What is a process book? The importance of research.
  • Examples of previous work.
  • Students present project briefs. All details of the project must meet approval of the advisor by the end of the second week.

February 14: One-on-One meeting

  • Student executes approved project. The advisor acts as a consultant throughout the life of the project and assists with troubleshooting and problem solving.

February 21: One-on-One meeting

March 6: Group / Lecture Class

  • Students present progress so far
  • How to prepare your specific Senior Project Decks/Books/Graphic Novels/Animations

March 13: One-on-One meeting

March 20: Group / Lecture Class

  • General tips for improving projects and presentations.
  • More examples of previous presentations

March 27: One-on-One meeting

April 3: One-on-One meeting

April 10: Group / Lecture Class

  • How to submit your Senior Project.

April 17: One-on-One meeting

May 1: One-on-One meeting

May 8: One-on-One meeting

May 15: One-on-One meeting

  • Projects completed
  • Final review by advisor of presentation material

May 20: Senior Projects due Monday, May 20 at noon

May 20 to May 22: Committee Reviews

Finalist Gallery

The bi-annual Senior Project showcase represents the best of COMD’s seniors. It highlights the skills and determination that is a semester-long independent project. Projects vary from Design, Illustration, Web, Motion, and Advertising.

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