Senior Project Select

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to display their work in the Senior Project Select Exhibition:

  • John Alicea
  • Tetiana Baranovska
  • Rogue Bayron
  • Dwayne Bush
  • Giselle Canino
  • Sandra Carranza
  • Andriy Dorodkin
  • Jessica Glinski
  • Cynthia Granja
  • Lorraine Hernandez
  • Miguel Jimenez
  • Darryl Johnson
  • WanYing Lee
  • Reut Mizrahi Levi
  • Danfeng Li
  • Timothy Lok
  • Scott Markowitz
  • Angeline Mendoza
  • Sharad Patel
  • Ryan Samaroo
  • Leonardo Santana
  • Onysha Thomas
  • Kelly Ann Thompson

Students chosen to participate in the Senior Project Exhibit are asked to install their work in Grace Gallery starting Wednesday, May 18th. All work must be installed by Thursday, May 19th by 5:00pm for the gallery opening reception.

Print work should be mounted on foam board as demonstrated during the presentation seminar. A mounting workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th from 12 noon to 8:00pm and Thursday, May 19th from 9:00am to 5:00pm in N1119. It is strongly suggested that students print their work off campus. Foam board, mounting wax adhesive, Velcro strips and printing support will be available. Please contact your Senior Project Advisor with questions.

All students can pick up their sketchbooks beginning Thursday, May 19th at 5:00pm.

The Exhibition opens on Thursday, May 19th at 5:00pm